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Hike into Crypt lake to prepare a DVD for a couple from Michigan.  I selected some of the shots from the trail and as they experienced the hike in and across the wall to get to the lake and added a music background and sent the DVD along to them just for fun.  This exercise led to the thought that people might like to have such a resource to use to select which hike they would like to follow on a trip to Waterton Park in the light that time is limited for most of our visitors.  Another group of people would be those who would not be able to hike into the back country, but would still appreciate being able to see what the area looks like with some narration to explain what is on the screen.  Finally, I thought that some people who had travelled the trails might like to share their experience with others from their homes or to remember their trips down Waterton Trails.

Towards this end, I decided to develop ‘Waterton Trails: A video Trail Guide”,  “Northern Glacier Trails” and “Southern Glacier Trails” to share the incredible beauty of this amazing area with those who would appreciate it.  To date, the Waterton Park DVD is completed and is available for purchase.  Northern Glacier trails has progressed to the point where I have only about a hundred kilometres left to gather the photographs needed for completion and hope to begin preparing videos after the 2016 hiking season is done.  Last year, 2015, was a great lesson on how mother nature actually determines what I will be able to complete as many crucial areas were closed due to forest fires.  I hope this next year will not see this type of activity in Glacier National Park.

For several years, I have wandered the trails of both Waterton National Park in Canada and Glacier National Park in the United States.  I have always wanted to share the experiences I have had and the sights that can only come from visiting the remote areas of both parks.  To this end, I decided to use photographs as a way to share the sights a person might expect to see on the trails of these incredible mountain parks.  

A few years back, I decided to try something different and used the photos I had taken during a

Waterton Glacier Trails

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